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Forrest Flowers is a community first driven DIY music project for a disillusioned audience who are angry about the state our world is in and the disparity between voices. 

"Beautifully ramshackle and high-spirited, local DIY queer punk group Forrest Flowers are an orgy of euphoria and punk cacophony. From jumping frantically on stage to playing on the floor like a sobbing mess, Forrest Flowers have delivered extraordinary sets in the London underground punk scene – we know, because we have seen them twice in the past month. Being a whirlwind that they are and taking us on a natural high, the band still fills their music with a sense of warmth and love."

"Hoping to fight systematic issues such as bigotry and classism, Forrest Flowers are a community-driven band consisting of vocalist Noel Oganyan, guitarist Sunny Robertson, bassist Tom Issac and drummer Jas Eade. When the four-piece is on stage, they’re out for blood and a force to be reckoned with."

- Underground England

tel: 07562090150

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